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Prevent overeating with help from our Upper Marlboro gym!

Learn to prevent overeating and stay tuned for more tips from our gym in Upper Marlboro!

Scale down your dishes.
When it comes to reining in your appetite, bigger isn’t better. Research shows that people polish off about 92 percent of what’s on their plates, and you’re more likely to load up a large dinner plate than a smaller salad one. Case in point: Research published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine showed that people served themselves at least 34 percent more when given a 34-ounce bowl than one half the size.

Grab a smart snack.
“Having something between meals can keep you from getting too hungry, which can cause you to binge at your next meal,” explains Richter. She recommends eating a 250-300 calorie snack about two hours before heading to dinner or that holiday party. A few smart options: turkey slices rolled up with avocado, low-fat Greek yogurt with almonds and fruit, or a hard-boiled egg with whole-wheat toast.